How do you guys ship?

We looked into the whole messenger owl thing, but after a popular book-turned-movie-series featured them, they’ve become a little cliche…Sooooo, the good ol’ fashioned USPS it is! We can expedite international shipping for regular Sun Staches product. You have the option during check out. We can not ship any licensed product internationally.


International Shipping

-We do offer express shipping that takes approximately 14-21 days to arrive.

-Regular shipping is approximately 21-28 days.

-International Shipping does not qualify for free shipping over $50.00 orders.

I’m buying Sun-Staches for my 8 year old son AND his 65 year old Grandma. Will they fit?
Yup! The beauty of our Sun-Staches is that they are one size fits all! And we really mean ALL! We even get photos from our customers of their 4 legged children sporting their Sun-Staches! We will have smaller sizes in the future but for now 8 years old is the starting size for most pairs, with just a few specific Sun-Staches fitting children in the 3-7 range. Check out the sizing listed in the description of each pair to find what you are looking for.
Why oh why do you not have a design of an extraterrestrial shark wearing a polka dotted space suit? I neeeeed that!!!!
Actually, that’s not a bad idea. And having a brilliant in-house design team allows us to try out the most outrageous styles you can think of. Have another awesome idea for a Sun-Stache? Send us a note and we promise that your idea will be sent along to one of our designers for consideration.
Can I expect the same social super powers with my Sun-Stache as I would with a natural mustache or beard?
Nothing can replace the same level of awesome one would achieve with real, bona fide facial hair. However when compared to other artificial facial hair accessories, the Sun-Stache tested far superior in all relevant swagger categories.
Can I wear my Sun-Stache underwater?
Yes! The Sun-Stache is manufactured to be water resistant up to 50m although we recommend limited use in natural bodies of water due to its effects on aquatic life…remember not just humans will find you far more interesting.
What if the Sun-Stache is too powerful for me?
That’s no problem. Sometimes the sheer power of the Sun-Stache is more than some people can handle… See our refund policy below, that our lawyers made us include.
I have a store, or a website, or a roadside stand, or a trunk that I just KNOW I could sell a ton of Sun-Staches from! Hook it up!!!
We love the enthusiasm!!! Please contact us and one of our “we’ll help you sell out of your trunk” experts (aka someone from our wholesale team) will be back in touch with you asap.
I have the best Sun-Staches Idea EVER!!! We appreciate that you do BUT....
Any comments, suggestions, or any other communications, including any creative ideas, inventions, concepts, techniques or know-how you may submit to this site or otherwise to Sun-Staches, electronically or by any other means, are on a non-confidential basis and will become the property of Sun-Staches, which Sun-Staches without restriction may use in any fashion and for any purposes whatsoever including developing, manufacturing and/or marketing goods.
Why am I being denied shipping?
We are sorry but logistically we can not ship to any of these destinations Brazil, Honduras, Columbia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Guatemala, Kazakstan, Pakistan, Iran  and anywhere in Africa.
How come I can not purchase any of  the licensed Sun-Staches?
Unfortunately we only have the licenses in United States on the products. We can not ship them out of the United States. We are working on finding distributors in other countries.

*Please send back any products within 10 days of receiving for full refund. We can only refund for new un-damaged products.


Feel free to contact our customer support at: 818-407-2970


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